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Trust(s) and scandal



No rest for the (lay) self congratulatory. Clearly. A few days after posting about #JusticeforLB related achievements, the Guardian removed their front page story about non-investigated NHS related deaths. Because of complaints (plural). Any naivety we entertained around other NHS Trusts learning from Southern (Sloven) Health NHS Foundation Trusts heavy handed and inappropriate approach to the Mazars review, disappeared. [I know..]

We’ve heard, on the grapevine, that a few Trusts are taking the Mazars/Guardian story findings seriously. And proactively exploring their own practices in relation to deaths of learning disabled patients. This is bloody brilliant.

The challenge to the Guardian story is deeply depressing though. Headline figures of the number of deaths investigated compared to number of (allegedly) unexpected deaths (from the now removed Guardian story) remain harrowing:

Somerset Partnership NHSFT 0/146
Northamptonshire NHSFT 0/63
Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHSFT 0/28
Leicestershire Partnership NHSFT 1/116
Dorset Healthcare University NHSFT…

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Parents of Autistics have no rights, and are unfairly blamed, Private Corporate Parents have all rights, and are unaccountable



Britain, is a desperately depressing place, if your child is autistic, or, learning disabled.

As you look at your beloved son, or daughter, as you cuddle, and, struggle, and sacrifice, remember, your time together is short, and, limited by the state.

Remember to, you cannot protect them, from that state,

And, that state, affords them, no protection.

LB, Connor Sparrowhawk drowned in a bath, whilst having an epileptic fit, in an NHS Assessment and Treatment Unit, costing £3,500 per week, 4 staff to every 5 patients.

Despite, a highly publicised, two year long campaign, and, hundreds of thousands of public money spent investigating, no one will, or, can, be held responsible.

Stephanie Bincliffe, died at 25, weighing 25 stone, in her sleep, of heart failure.

The known side effects of her  anti- psychotic medication, weight gain, water retention, sedation, and, heart strain, were not mentioned.

Stephanie, spent the last two, of her 7 year, £4,500 a…

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Slumber, absurdities and a tumbleweed collective


The independent Mazars death review, just by way of a speedy update, was commissioned by NHS England to examine all deaths in Sloven’s learning disability/mental health provision from 2011-2015. The review is in apparently indefinite quarantine by NHS England under challenge by pretty much everyone and their dog.

[Well apart from Chunky Stan. Who, asleep on my feet is pouring his energies into extreme comfort using an almost winning combo of warm fur, being Chunky Stan and a snooze mechanism involving occasional deep/contented sighing…]

It turns out that Sloven made nearly 300 challenges/criticisms to the original draft of the Mazars (independent) review. Wow. 300 challenges? Unprecedented focus/scrutiny by the Sloves who, a week or so after LB’s death, publicly announced he died of natural causes and circulated a briefing about the risk my blog posed to their reputation

Sloven Sloven Board minutes. 23.7.13

[Someone recently said that Sloven made a…

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