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Google box and the Mazzwot review


imageA student, Andrew, came round on Saturday. From Yorkshire. He’s doing a pre-university diploma in media and is making a short film about what happened to LB for his coursework and to raise awareness among the students at his college. He was sensitive, quiet, thoughtful and careful in setting up his equipment. In conducting the interview. It couldn’t have been an easy task.

Yesterday Liz (who brilliantly maintains a spreadsheet logging all mention of LB and #JusticeforLB, together with easy read/more accessible versions) noticed that the (approved) CQC November board minutes reported that LB died through misadventure. The CQC Trustee she raised this with immediately apologised and said he would make sure the minutes were corrected. (The full jury findings can be read here… [Howl]).

Sloven, as regular blog followers will know, recorded LB’s death as natural causes in their board minutes a few weeks after his death. Minutes…

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A shave and a haircut… the CQC way


Lengthy twitter discussions earlier today following on from news of the 80 bed unit planned up in the North East, blogged about by Mark Neary yesterday. The proposed unit is to be run by the same manager of the Lenore Care Home in Whitley Bay which had a pretty positive CQC inspection report in June 2015.

cqc ratings

The two sides of the twitter discussion today can be summarised (roughly) as:

This home is well run, ‘residents’ reported good quality of life and the proposed unit could be equally as well run for people to lead independent lives without becoming isolated in the community.

The CQC report findings don’t capture anything approaching a typical home and it ain’t remotely likely that the proposed new unit will be ‘home like’. It represents a return to institutionalisation.

I wrote a post soon after LB died about accepting the unacceptable. Something people…

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