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Harvesting of the Disabled for Profit


2013-09-20-15_36_14Parents, of special educational needs children, be warned, this, may be your fate.

And, the establishment are intent on creating, and labelling, more as learning disabledinstead of having learning difficulties.

Soon all state 4 year olds will be compulsory assessed.

A ‘disability’ is an impairment, and is permanent,  and ever increasing, look at the statistics

If your child is a late developer and/or has inadequate teaching, he will be doomed, to be made a cash cow for life, and lose all his rights, as you will yours as his parent.

Once your child is labelled, it is for life, with no escape.

Unless, he is part of, the state cabal.

Or, in private education..

Education, Health, and Care Statements, replaced, Special Educational Needs statements, last year.

Education, Health and Care statements, require social services, to monitor your child’s ‘welfare’.

The NHS, Education and Care combining at a local level to…

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The unmaking of a scandal and the dove from above


On December 10 2015, the scandalous findings of the Mazars review (into Sloven’s investigation practices when learning disability and mental health service user patients died unexpectedly) were leaked to the BBC. The headlines were horrific. 

Heidi Alexander tabled an urgent question in the House of Commons that morning and serious discussion followed. Deeply serious we thought at the time. A stack of MPs asked important and relevant questions.The full text of the session can be read here. Or you can watch it here.

The Mazars review was ‘profoundly shocking’. The stuff of scandal.

Heidi A nailed the central issue with this statement, love her:

The report raises broader questions about the care of people with learning disabilities or mental health problems. Just because some individuals have less ability to communicate concerns about their care, that must never mean that any less attention is paid to their treatment…

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Unwise Decisions, Isle of Wight & Jack Smith

Nicely and accurately put state of unfortunate events.Thankyou for your writing to pinpoint what is happening. I Feel numbness and despair but it will change for better-The Phoenix Will Rise From The Ashes!

Love, Belief and Balls

Yesterday was a very confusing day if you happen to be the parent of someone with autism and learning disabilities. I had quite a busy day but several times popped into social media to follow three events that were unfolding. I went through a kaleidoscope of feelings from irritation, frustration, hope to deep sadness. 24 hours on and those same feelings are still sitting firmly in my melting pot.

It was Mental Capacity Action Day and a number of professional groups had joined up to focus on Principle Three – Unwise Decisions. Subsequently, Twitter was awash with photos of people holding up cards with an unwise decision they had made at some point in their lives. There were some very funny ones and it was good to see people able to send themselves up. But there was something about the exercise that took me back to last year’s NHS Q…

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Calm Down Dear

Love, Belief and Balls

I’m in the middle of a fantastic book at the moment that I’d highly recommend. It’s “Wounded Leaders” by Nick Duffell. In the book, Duffell examines the impact that being sent to boarding school at aged seven has on our country’s leaders. Bear in mind that 2/3rd of the current Conservative party have been through this system, Duffell suggests that the legacy of this experience actually results in the antithesis of what makes a good leader. The commonalities that Duffell identifies are: constantly alert for attack; devoid of empathy; unable to work collaboratively, to name but three. Duffell talks about how the personality organises itself in a hyper defensive way, creating stress but unable to deal with it; being incapable of admitting mistakes or making long term decisions for the common good. Rather the opposite happens and instead we get short term, survival based and self interest dominated solutions. The…

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Mencap – a case of ‘them and us’?

Making rights make sense

A truly appalling image of contempt and abuse by a member of Mencap’s staff towards a person they were employed to support found its way online and into the press yesterday. It shows a ‘support worker’ talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette while beside her under a mountain of shopping bags is the person she is supposedly supporting.

A one-off? Just a bad apple? This is certainly what Mencap’s crisis communications seems keen to stress:

Mencap response to image on social media

‘We are appalled by what is happening in the picture. After seeing it we immediately took action, and have suspended the support worker in question and reported the issue to the relevant local authority safeguarding team. We take the wellbeing of the people we support extremely seriously, and we expect and train our staff to deliver high quality care and support services.  What we see…

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