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An inhumane battering


I came across this letter sent to some disability activists by an Oxon County Council commissioner again today. Took my breath away. Again. A vicious and ill informed assault. Why?

I’ve been repeatedly vilified as LB’s mum. By senior (white, middle class) people who should not be working anywhere near health and social care. To save their own backs. Their salaries. Their status. Their fakery around their sense of who they are… In a sustained and nasty way.

Just one section of the commissioner’s letter:

OCC Commish letter

[Here’s one of the posts I wrote a week or so before LB died: Am I mainstream now, Mum?  [Howl]]

Have to say, if any OCC or Sloven staff member wants to suggest to my face that I was ‘reluctant to have LB back’ I’ll not be responsible for my actions. I loved that boy more than life itself. We all did. And always will. He…

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Venture Capital NHS, Care Services, our most needy, feed our most greedy.



We think of our NHS, and Social Care, as a philanthropic safety net, for those, who need protection or help; the old, young, sick, vulnerable, and poor.

We do not think of the profit, that this unaccountable, monopolised service, of captive consumers represents.

But successive governments have.

Over the past 20 years, they have commoditised ‘need’, by pernicious ‘modernisation’.

The ‘modernisation’ of ‘Charity’, began with the Charities Act 2006, creating a politically controlled, all powerful, Charity Commission, enabling the restructuring of independent philanthropy, into ever larger, corporately run, political bodies.

The ‘modernisation’ of the NHS, by asset stripping, marketization costs under the Health and Social Care Act,private/public partnerships, healthcare consortiums, destructive targets, and ever tighter budgetary control.

The ‘modernisation’ of local authorities, by public/private partnerships, the amalgamation of health and welfare, into local health and social care trusts, mixing budgets, and roles.

Our government, is now fulfilling, the ultimate goal…

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The Mother who was strong, now broken.

positive behaviour support

The following is an anonymous blog we have received from a parent. We will give the powerful messages it contains its own space and follow this with a response tomorrow.
Years of the rollercoaster. Years of lurching from one difficult situation to the next, sometimes without a break. Chronic stress. Year in year out. Unrelenting. Takes its toll.

Care Staff don’t see my history. They just see the ‘now’.

And it’s not all about my child in my life, there are other things that come along too. You can only stretch so far. You only have a certain number of spoons.

I’ve seen my GP, I’ve done the token carer’s wellbeing courses, the CBT training. But that doesn’t change the system that my daughter is in. It doesn’t change the outcome, to use their jargon.
And one day a situation comes along that is the straw that breaks the camel’s…

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Photos, postcards and a meeting postponed



We found some old photos yesterday. And a postcard LB sent to Stan in 2008. Tears, chuckles and family banter. The postcard is addressed to Stanley McRogers, LB’s name for Chunky Stan. And pretty vague address details. How the hell did it get here?

image (29)

We decided it probably arrived because of the wonderful, intuitive work of a postman we had for several years. A postman who collected Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

Tonight we found out the extraordinary governors meeting organised for 17.5.16 with a controversial agenda has been postponed. The official statement from Tim Smart, the recently board chair appointed by NHS Improvement, states:

smart shiteYou’d think a trouble shooting NHS Improvement appointed (interim) chair has sufficient understanding of the legal ramifications of proposed actions, or easy access to advice from NHS Improvement, to make authoritative decisions… But no. The flakiness of not only Sloven but the broader bodies around them once again laid…

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